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Are you paying what seems like a lot for your medical expenses? If you need more coverage than what you have from your current insurance plans, then a Medicare Advantage plan may be right for you. Let’s take a look at the Humana Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018 and see if that might be a good option for you.

The first thing you should know about Advantage plans is that they work with the basic Medicare plan. They won’t work with Medicare Part D or with supplemental plans. That’s because the Advantage plan offers what is usually similar coverage. If your Advantage plan gives you coverage for prescription drugs (that’s Medicare Part D), then you have to give up your Part D coverage plan. You cannot have Medicare plans with identical coverage in them. Medicare simply will not allow it.

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans 2018If you have a supplemental plan, and your Advantage plan covers some of those supplemental expenses, then you will have to give up your supplement plan as well.

Advantage plans often cover Medicare Part D, many emergency and urgent care treatments and some supplemental items as well. The coverage will vary from plan to plan, so you want to choose yours carefully. Make sure that you take time to closely examine all the coverage the plans have to offer before you pick one. You want the best coverage for you at the best price.


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The Humana Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018 gives you some options, and you should take time to consider all of them, if you believe you can use an Advantage plan. Humana is one of the larger medical insurance companies out there, and their partnership with Aetna makes them a reliable and durable company that you can count on to continue your coverage for years to come. You should not have to worry about being left without any medical coverage or fear that the company is going to fold soon.

Another thing to be made aware of is how the coverage works on an Advantage plan. Most insurance companies (Humana included) offer you some choices when it comes to network coverage on your plan. The network is made up of the hospitals and clinics and such that have agreed to accept the insurance company’s Advantage plans. If you go to one of those network facilities for your treatment, then you are guaranteed full coverage according to your plan.

You have some options there, though. If you go with the HMO network option, then you can only receive full coverage at network facilities. If you opt for the PPO network plan instead, you still receive full coverage only at network faculties, but you also get partial coverage anywhere else. As you can imagine, there is a price difference for these two plans.

Look at your options and take some time to consider the Humana Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018. You may very well find a plan that fits you well, takes care of your coverage need and costs at reasonable price.


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